"the universal language"

Behind the scenes 

Founded September 3rd, 2010, the Gulf Coast Drum Circle’s mission is to promote community building and unity through community circle drumming and the flow arts. The foundation, created in October 2011 as a non-profit venture, is made up of skilled individuals and artists of all ages who all believe in giving back through the investment of time and talents to create a greater sense of community. The shared and primary goal is to use music and arts to reshape the landscape and hone our collective perception of community. 

“Music is the universal language,” says Managing Director Dino C. Jagarnauth. “Our efforts are aimed at inspiring underserved youth to create change in their community.” He believes the unity found in drum circles helps children to understand the life-enriching concepts of teamwork and togetherness.

Gulf Coast Drum Circle Foundation is an active community of drummers, dancers, hoop and flow artists from across Florida who enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and believe in building a stronger, energized and happier community. "We believe, and hope that you share in our belief, that music and the arts help to create and sustain healthier and safer communities," adds Jagarnauth. With tightening budgets, many music and arts programs are being cut or eliminated by government and other institutions. Our goal is to raise funds for musical instruments and instruction “as a community for the community” and to distribute those goods across the state. We hope that you’ll join us in that endeavor.

All contributions to Gulf Coast Drum Circle Foundation, under the IRS Code 501(c)3are tax deductible.
Chris Doyle
Public Relations

Our Mission  is dedicated to restoring instrumental music and the arts education in our nation one community at a time.  Where we can raise the awareness and enrich the lives of children & adults with the benefits of a complete education.

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